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“Domesticity” received an Honorable Mention at the 2014 Western Michigan University Creative Writing Contest, in the graduate level division of poetry, judged by poet Adam Clay. March 2014.

Here are the comments Clay offered for the poem: “In ‘Domesticity’ the poem’s violence is wrapped in surreal images that take on a life all their own, with ‘teeth [as] white scarecrows / after too many fights’ and ‘knives…charading / in children’s clothes.’ Perhaps what makes this poem even more compelling is what’s left unsaid, the violence that even language cannot understand.”

There is also a short piece in the Western Herald about the Awards Ceremony, here.


“Visiting Rights” was published in the in-house publication, Analecta. February 2012.


“Lost & Found” was published in the in-house publication, Analecta, and received an Honorable Mention. January 2011.


I completed a reading of my earlier work at Taylor University and received an Honorable Mention for my collection of submitted poetry. November 2010.


The Underside of Trees” appeared in the Spring 2010 (Vol. 2, Num. 1) edition of Sleet Magazine, under my maiden name, McKenzie Lynn Sanders. Spring 2010.



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